melanie_provenceMelanie C. Sturm

Lab Member 2013 – Spring 2014

Currently a Policy fellow at the American Sportfishing Association, Alexandria, VA

Melanie was a master’s student in the track Ecology, Economics, and Ethics of the Environment (4E). The niche she occupied at ASU was conducive for researching interdisciplinary topics that she was interested in, like species management and climate change. Her thesis explored markets for marine megafauna, wildlife valuation, and the ethical implications of economic approaches to conservation. Broadly speaking, her interests are in the human dimensions of the environment.

Prior to her position working with Ben Minteer and Leah Gerber, Melanie came to SoLS with a B.S. in Biology from Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania where she conducted honors research on antibiotic resistance of soil microbes. During her time as an undergraduate, she participated in an intensive, semester-long program at American University focusing on International Environment and Development. That semester alone, during which she traveled to Ecuador for a field practicum, was eye opening to big challenges societies face and really shaped my values and pursuits today. Since graduation from ASU, she hopes to bridge the knowledge gap between science and society. This includes applied resource management and and helping make public communication of science entertaining, understandable, and accessible while retaining its integrity.