Mary RossMary Ross

Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences Ph.D. Program
School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Arizona State University
1031 S. Palm Walk
Engineering Center A #322



I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences and the general focus of my research is the use of various types of mathematical models to answer questions in the ecological, biological, and social sciences.  I have previously done research using epidemiological models in the social sciences to observe the impact news coverage has on social media and internet search trends.  Additionally, I have applied contagion models to other social issues such as homicide rates in Chicago and biological issues such as the spread of avian influenza in China.  I am now gearing my interests towards my true passion for the conservation of marine mammals, more specifically orca off the coast of British Columbia and the cumulative impact of threats on orca.

Curriculum Vitae



I born in Vallejo, California but raised for the most part in Glendale, Arizona.  I began my my undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona as a Pre-Pharmacy major and quickly discovered my passion was else where.  Which bring me to Arizona State University where I completed my bachelors in Applied Mathematics at the West Campus.  After graduation I began pursuing a management career with Starbucks Coffee Company not knowing whether or not my graduate application process was successful.  Gratefully I was accepted into my current program and can now pursue research in my areas of interests.



Towers, Sherry, et al. “Mass media and the contagion of fear: the case of Ebola in America.” PloS one 10.6 (2015): e0129179. (PDF)