Kate BuenauKate

Lab Member Spring 2003

Currently a Quantitative Ecologist with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

While earning her biology degree with a minor in mathematics at ASU, Kate tested the diffusion-approximation (DA) model, using populations subject to changing levels of environmental stochasticity. She simulated population trajectories under changing, correlated distributions of growth rates such as those generated by Fourier series. The populations were then subjected to analysis by the DA model, and projected future behavior is compared to the “actual” simulated future population size over different time frames. Model predictions and the degree and direction of any predictive bias provided insight into when the model was useful for classification of species and when it may have been less reliable.

Now, Dr. Buenau is an ecological modeler and quantitative ecologist with the Coastal Ecosystem Research group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She develops quantitative decision support tools for adaptive management programs for birds and fish on the Missouri River and salmon habitat restoration.