Jenny Lynn Melgojenny

Lab Member Fall 2008 – Fall 2009

Currently Research Technician

Jenny is interested in marine ecological research and fishery biology. She has worked on the population dynamics, reproductive and fishery biology of marine commercial invertebrates in Leyte, Philippines. With this project, she and her colleagues determined the growth parameters, the fishing grounds, maturation and spawning, and the natural food and feeding habits of blue crabs, abalone, nylon shell and spider conch. They also formulated management implications based on the results that were obtained.

Jenny’s master’s degree is in Ecological Marine Management (major in Marine Biodiversity) from Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) in Brussel, Belgium. For her thesis research, she studied the ecology and biodiversity of meiofauna and harpacticoid copepods in tropical seagrass beds. The results of her meiofauna research in tropical seagrass bed are important information to the world-wide knowledge of marine coastal biodiversity and marine conservation.

While with the Gerber lab, Jenny worked on the ecological modeling approach to study interactions between whales and fisheries. The goal of the project was to examine the scientific evidence for the assertion that commercial fisheries are negatively impacted by whales. She contributed to the project by developing and managing a database to provide sources of information needed for ecosystem modeling (Ecopath with Ecosim). Furthermore, she compiled marine fisheries and biological data needed for food web modeling purposes from available databases (Sea Around Us, Fish Base and AquaMaps) and other literature, and prepared data for incorporation in mass-balance food web model.