Haridas Chirakkal VariamHardidas Chirakkal Variam

Lab Member Fall 2007-Fall 2010

Currently Research Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska

Hari was a postdoctoral researcher in the Gerber lab. One of his interests was in developing tools for short and long-term selection (sensitivity/elasticity) in stage-structured populations living in varying environments: how does short-term effect of changes in a trait/vital rate relates to long-term selection? What are the management implications? A related problem of interest is to estimate sensitivities of population growth rate from demographic data. He worked on the effects of temporal autocorrelation in environments on population growth and extinction, and used mathematical models and empirical data to address these questions.

While above research mainly involves one-sex (usually female) models, he saw growing interest in using two-sex (both female & male) models to address many evolutionary and ecological issues. Of particular interest is the role of individual behavior on population performance and extinction. Unlike usual linear PVA models, two-sex models are non-linear and may need different tools. Hari studied the development of theoretical methods to analyze two-sex models and the role of behavior therein.