Eric D. Johnson

Environmental Life Sciences Ph.D. Program
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-4601 USA
Office LSA 208

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I am interested in environmental decision analysis; specifically, operations research in marine conservation. Complex issues in resource management require developing mechanistic and probabilistic tools to evaluate the trade-offs among human uses and ecological persistence. Synthesizing resilience theory for stakeholders and decision-makers can reduce (or at least quantify) the uncertainty of potential management options.  My research aims to 1) elucidate the temporal and spatial indicators of ecological bifurcation points and 2) investigate their utility in environmental policy to avoid critical transitions in nature.

I completed my BS in Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2009 after studying abroad in Belize conducting undergraduate research in coral reef ecology. Upon graduating, I contracted with the US Environmental Protection Agency to develop decision support systems for reef managers. Before joining Arizona State University I developed information management systems for private firms in the United States and volunteered abroad at the CARMABI Research Station in Curaçao.

Curriculum vitae

Arizona State University:
Human Anatomy & Physiology (BIO 201)

University of Wisconsin-Superior:
Principles of Biology I & II (BIO 130/132)

Yee, S.H., P. Bradley, W.S. Fisher, S.D. Perreault, J. Quackenboss, E.D. Johnson, J.J. Bousquin, P. Murphy. 2012. Integrating Human Health and Environmental Health into the DPSIR Framework: A Tool to Identify Research Opportunities for Sustainable and Healthy Communities. EcoHealth. DOI: 10.1007/s10393-012-0805-3