Easton White

Lab Member Fall 2011 – Spring 2013

Currently a Fulbright Scholar

Easton is a recent graduate of Arizona State University where he worked as a Research Fellow in the School of Life Sciences’ SOLUR Program. He is broadly interested in questions concerning evolutionary and population dynamics. To answer these types of biological questions, he employs a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques. He is currently working on topics in population biology and animal movement analysis. Specifically, he studies population dynamics and movement patterns of adult lemon sharks (with Steve Kessel and Samuel Gruber). In addition, he works on projects related to the population dynamics of sea lions (with Leah Gerber), spatial modeling of the American pika (with John Nagy, Andrew Nemecek, and Sky Arnett-Romero) and tortoise population modeling (with Jose Anadon). He recently coauthored a paper with Jesse Senko, Leah Gerber and Selina Heppell comparing bycatch mitigation strategies for vulnerable marine megafauna.

In September 2014, he will serve as a Fulbright Scholar working with Julia Baum (University of Victoria). After his time in Canada, he will start a PhD program in Population Biology at UC-Davis.

Outside of school and research, he spends time scuba diving, rock climbing, reading, hiking and hanging out with family and friends.