DSCF8254Dee Sagawe

Lab Member Fall 2011 – Spring 2014

Currently a neuroscience research assistant at ASU

Biological Sciences major, Dee’s research interests are animal diseases and the interactions between environmental pollution and diseases. A few years ago, she took marine biology at another institution and was instantly fascinated by the creatures of the ocean, therefore, she now focus on diseases and parasites affecting fishes and sea turtles. In September 2011, she found Dr. Leah Gerber’s lab, and began attending lab meetings. She worked on a sea turtle project with Jesse Senko, a Ph.D. student formerly in the Gerber lab. She took elective courses specializing in immunology, virology, bacteriology, and laboratory techniques. After graduating from ASU, Dee planned to pursue a Ph.D. in biology related to the pathology of marine organisms.

Dee worked as a laboratory research assistant in a neuroscience lab at ASU from July 2013 until August 2014, testing honey bee memory and learning behavior after exposure to heavy metal pollutants.