Claudia Hernández-Camacho

Lab Member Fall 2004 – Spring 2009

Currently professor at CICIMAR in La Paz, MX

Claudia’s research career has focused on basic aspects of the population ecology of the Californiasea lion, Zalophus californianus. She has studied California sea lion populations in Mexico since 1994. Her PhD research focused on the relationship between behavioral ecology and population dynamics for this species. She was particularly interested in determining the efficiency of maternal strategies and how they are influencing the population dynamics (population growth rate and effective population size) of three colonies in the Gulf of California. To examine these ideas, she evaluated parameters like age and sex-specific survival (mark-recapture models), female fecundity, operation sex ratio, etc. She incorporated observed maternal behavioral strategies on demographic models to examine how behavioral data influence the accuracy of simple age-structured population models, with the objective of comparing three colonies that vary in population trend, size and density and anthropogenic activities during the 2004-2007 reproductive seasons.