Caterina D’Agrosa

Lab Member Fall 2006 – Spring 2011

Currently a Spanish Teacher with Le Tutor Language School in Phoenix, Arizona

Caterina was a postdoctoral researcher in the Gerber lab. She was interested in using information about where things happen (i.e., space, or location) to improve conservation of the oceans. This includes the use of GIS and other spatially explicit approaches ranging from habitat modeling, to marine protected area design, to fisheries bycatch reduction. Her Ph.D. work used the U.S.pelagic swordfish fishery as a case study to explore how spatial analytical techniques can be used to improve the conservation of long-lived marine vertebrates. For her M.Sc., she estimated the incidental mortality of a porpoise called the vaquita, Phocoena sinus, in the upper Gulf of California.

For Caterina’s postdoctoral research at ASU, she worked with The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund to prioritize conservation activities within a network of 54 conservation areas throughout the Gulf of California.  She worked to develop indices of biological irreplaceability and vulnerability, as well as trying to understand how those 54 areas were interconnected.