Caiti Troyer


Lab Member 2012 – Spring 2014

Currently at Stanford Law, CA

Caiti’s research interests broadly include the intersection of science and policy and how scientific research and knowledge can shape public policy, and vice versa. Her specific area of research is the federal Endangered Species Act, which is a monumental environmental law that greatly reflects the advantages and problems that integrating science with policy can create. In studying endangered species recovery plans and their content, she hopes to discover how well scientific knowledge and information is being incorporated into these plans and how this information is affecting the ESA’s decision-making process. The ultimate goal of Caiti’s research is to craft recommendations for the Fish and Wildlife Service on how to more effectively manage endangered species recovery.

Caiti graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Biomathematics from Trinity University in San Antonio, where she did biomathematics research for two years on tight junction proteins. This research helped Caiti to figure out that she enjoyed the aspects of biology research that have real-world applications and effects. She decided to pursue a graduate degree in Biology and Society at ASU to explore the broad intersections of biology with the world outside of the sciences.¬†As a graduate student, Caiti focused strongly on science policy, taking several classes in ASU’s Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes, as well as classes in science and the law and the history of science.