Information for prospective graduate students

Information on this page is intended to provide a set of resources that will answer most of your questions about my current work and research interests. Lab research foci include questions about: 1) the design and monitoring of marine reserves, 2) integrating behavior and demography, and 3) estimating extinction risk. I train my graduate students broadly in the fields of conservation biology, population dynamics, modeling and environmental policy. Graduate students collaborate on joint projects or develop their own research. When a student is taken in our department there is a guarantee of 5 years of funding. This comes in the form of some fellowship support, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships from grant support. I strongly encourage anyone applying to the program to apply for an NSF graduate fellowship, and also consider the EPA STAR, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program (NOAA), and NMFS/SeaGrant Fellowship Program. If you are awarded one of these, you have three years of funding that you can use anywhere you decide to go to grad school.



Advising Prospectus-Gerber

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Summarized by Leah Gerber, Priyanga Amarasekare, and Cheryl Schultz

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