Kylee FarringtonKyleePic2                                                                              
Sophomore, Business (Sustainability)                                              
Barrett, The Honors College at ASU                                                     
Vice President // Society for Conservation Biology—Central AZ Chapter                                                                                     
Undergraduate Researcher // Gerber Lab           


Research Interests

I am interested in the fusion of business economics and conservation; specifically how economic incentives can be used to increase participation and impact within conservation and sustainability. I am also interested in modeling dynamic ecological-economic systems and the management of environmental goods. I aim to create a culture that embraces the principles of conservation. I am in the preliminary stages of my Barrett Thesis exploring this idea of economic incentives in conservation.

Some questions that fuel my research are:

  • How do we get conservation policies to be tangibly effective?
  • Are there loopholes in current reporting procedures?
  • How do we incentivize companies to participate in conservation efforts?


I credit my love for nature and for knowledge partially to National Geographic. I can still remember as a child staring in wonderment at whales bigger than buses migrating around the world and organisms as small as a grain of rice creating monumental civilizations. These documentaries created as many questions as they answered and thus began my journey towards high education at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University.

Passionate about a variety of subjects I refused to limit myself to one discipline when I came to college. I think an open mind and a wide breath of understanding create the multidimensional perspective necessary for solving today’s problems. I am pursuing an interdisciplinary education to ultimately combine and incorporate economics, sustainability, decision theory, and conservation into my career path. I want to use my written and verbal communication skills to promote international cooperation regarding global issues while combining business strategies with conservation and sustainability to create new solutions.

In addition to my involvement in the Gerber Lab, I serve as the Vice President for the Society for Conservation Biology at ASU. In this position I lead and facilitate meetings to ensure productivity and efficiency for a community of 102 members and coordinate programs with the executive committee and conservation organizations to provide members opportunities in conservation. I am also a writing tutor for ASU. In this position I instruct and advise individual undergraduate and graduate students to promote academic success, translate concepts across language barriers with international students to ensure understanding, and adjust communication and teaching strategies to fit the student’s needs to maximize efficiency and impact.