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Geographical Sciences PhD Program
School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Coor Hall, 975 S. Myrtle Ave., Fifth Floor
P.O. Box 875302, Tempe AZ 85287-5302



I am a PhD student in geographical sciences at Arizona State University. I study human-flood interactions from local to global scales in coupled social ecological systems. I employ tools and methods from land system science, hydrologic modeling, agent based modeling, and the social sciences to deeply understand and model feedbacks between social and natural systems across time and space. Major research projects include examining the sociobiophysical flood dynamics of Mexico City with Dr. Hallie Eakin, estimating the return on investment of watershed conservation for flood mitigation specifically for Monterrey, Mexico and more generally for 70 Latin American cities for a SNAP project, and modeling global biophysical and social flood vulnerability using Google Earth Engine. I am also a research affiliate with the Data Pop Alliance, and regularly contribute to reports for international agencies on leverage Big Data for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption. I have lived in El Salvador for 3 years where I co-founded Fundacion CEIBA, an El Salvador-based NGO that focused on disaster risk reduction, violence prevention, environmental degradation, and youth participation. I continue to stay engaged with Salvadoran issues through an academic working group, Landscapes in Transition, Central America, and am currently analyzing how the cocaine commodity chain drives deforestation patterns in Central America.

Curriculum Vitae

When I am not doing research, I am often engaged in service. I help support the CBO’s initiative on diversity in the ecological science (through a panel at ESA in 2015) and ongoing events here at ASU. I also volunteer with No More Deaths, an NGO working to save the lives of migrants crossing the desert by placing water on migrant trails. In my free time I like to play guitar, rock climb, do yoga, and cook the vegetables I grow in my garden