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Jan 2012: Can we save whales by putting a price on their heads? Dr. Gerber and colleagues say, “Yes!”
Read the paper at For more information and press releases about the paper, see: Editorial
Science Insider
The Washington Post
OnEarth Magazine
ASU News [Science & Tech]
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UCSB
Dr. Gerber’s Interview with RadioLIVE New Zealand
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Dec 2011: Managing for extinction in a large marine protected area?
 Read the paper here.
For more information and press releases about the paper, see: 2011 Jones, N. Seals slide towards extinction in Hawaiian reserve. Nature. Related articles: Can Monk Seals Find a Berth On Noah’s Ark

May 2011: Communication key to survival of ocean mammals
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Nov 2010: Sea lion adoption? Read the paper at PLoS ONE.
For more information and press releases about the paper, see: 2011 Mosher, J. Sea lions surprise scientists by adoption orphaned pups. Wired Science.

July 2009: Of Whales, Fish and Men: Managing Marine Reserves
Listen to Dr. Gerber’s Science Studio interview

Feb 2009: Whales not to blame for fish depletion. Williams, R. ABC News.
Recently whales have been blamed for depletion of fish stocks rather than over-fishing by humans. Leah Gerber has studied regions with depleted fish stocks. She points out that humans eat large fish, while those whales which actually do eat fish go for small fish. Leah Gerber’s studies demonstrate that culling whales leads to no increase in biomass of commercial fish stocks.

Feb 2009: Will killing whales save the world’s fisheries? Walsh, B. Time Magazine.
Time Magazine reports on Leah Gerber’s findings that whales are not a threat to fishery biomass.

2007: Navigating Uncertain Seas: Adaptive Monitoring and Management of Marine Protected Areas
Marine Protected Areas Handbook

July 2005: The dilemma of delisting species. Dye, L. ABC News.
Good science is needed to list and to delist endangered species.

July 2002: How much data is enough? Norris, S. Conservation Magazine.
Policy decisions are often postponed until more data have been collected – at what point does the amount of information become adequate?