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Master’s in Sustainable Solutions Program


I completed my Bachelors in Sustainability in May 2014 at the School of Sustainability at ASU, with an International Development Concentration.  During my undergraduate career I focused on socio-ecological impacts of globalization and the unique sustainability challenges faced by developing countries. For my undergraduate capstone research I traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon to study the impacts of oil development on indigenous communities as a Walton Global Solutions Initiatives Scholar. While my focus was primarily development, I have always had a passion for conservation, which is why during my undergraduate degree I also co-founded Sun Devils for Wildlife Conservation and served as the Vice President for three years. The holistic and transdisciplinary nature of my sustainability education gave me a systematic way of looking at sustainability challenges and a deeper understanding of the global drivers of the threats to our world’s ecological life support systems.

 Curriculum Vitae


I am interested in complex interactions between human and environmental systems, and finding strategies to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.

The Masters in Sustainable Solutions program is not traditional, in the sense that instead of a thesis my ‘culminating project’ is focused primarily on the application of sustainability theory and methods, to address complex human and environmental challenges. I am in the last year of my Master’s program, where my focus is ecological conservation and my plan for the culminating project is still in its developing stages. However it will likely include work with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) with Dr. Leah Gerber, Dr. Michael Schoon and Dr. Penny Langhammer, possibly around key biodiversity areas. It is projected to be completed May 2016. I am also a Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Rob Melnick the Executive Director and COO of the Global Institute of Sustainability where I am working on a publication documenting how the institute has made real-world impacts as well as developing a global sustainability consortium of universities.